Long time my friends.

I ran my first full marathon 10/29/11 called the Haunted Hustle. I ran it in 3:52:23, I was shooting for sub 3:45, but it is OK, it was my first after all. I was expecting to hit the wall, or fall apart after mile 21, but none of it happened. I stayed strong throughout and had a “perfect” race. roger and Amelia were there, and my brother drove up to see me and he found my on the course!
The race was very emotional for me also, I had to stop my self from crying like 4 times.

Recovery has been OK, I took a whole week off from any exercise, Monday I resumed. 4 miles then 3 yesterday along with core and some leg work. I have been having some trouble with my knees so I am trying to strengthen them before i start my training in Jan for the Madison marathon in May.

For all of you who do not know, Friday is a day that I have been looking forward to for along time! 11-11-11, wishes aplenty!

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