Bye Bye Black Keys

Sunday 2-19
Today was 15 miles, I had to look for a new route for today’s run since I haven’t done a run like that around here yet. I just ended up extending a route that I already do. i felt good today, the first mile I thought that i was gonna have the worst run ever because my side started to hurt, but i tried to forget about it and it went away. It was mid 30’s and not a cloud in the sky. had my fuel belt and two gels just in case. When i got to about an hour 10, i took a gel. i use Rocktane, and GU. this flavor was Cherry Lime, not my favorite.
I like running my long runs on sundays because not many people are out and i get it all to myself.
Wearing rei socks, warmer brooks tights, nf sports bra, long sleeve tech tee, and alo long sleeve outer. hard mountain gloves, nf knit hat and my sweet fuel belt.
New playlist also, and it was so awesome!

15.44 miles in  2:21:09


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