Today was 5 miles, felt good went a bit off of a regular course. I really like running alongside the hwy way better than in town. It was about 20 degrees, wind at about 5mph but not bad really. Also we found my missing glove, which was a total lifesaver. tomorrow was a scheduled rest day, but with going out of town tomorrow a.m. and not being able to get a run in on Saturday, I am going to run before we leave. We will be in Minnesota sun, mon, and tues so i will find a route to run those days.

I wore sports bra tank, ice breaker long sleeve, and alo long sleeve with sporthill tights, rei socks, bula neck gator, nf hat, and nf gloves. no coils today and threw on the vest as i was leaving the house, probably could have done without it. i didn’t put on dermatone either and i was ok because it wasn’t that windy.  Looks like tomorrow will be 7 miles and then 12 on Sunday!

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