Sunday February 17

it’s getting closer and closer to the big day. today was a long steady distance kinda day. real slow run. right around mile 7 i got a huge pain in my shin, like a shin splint. sucky especially since i had 10 more miles to go. i was feeling great with the sun shining and hardly any wind. a good run overall though.

yesterday i had my first race of the season, it was only a 5k but it was a race nonetheless. i had a goal time in mind like most of us do going into a race. I wanted to get under 20, but it was real cold with around a 12mph wind. I did PR with a 21:45 and 3rd in my AG. I got a sweet water bottle. the plan was to run my 8 after the race. that is about the distance from downtown to home ….. well we hung around too long and i cooled off too much, so we went home and I planned to run later at the gym.  I made chocolate instead. oops.

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