The Birthday That Wasn’t

Something that we all wish for is to have some alone time. Is this something that we truly crave? Do we want to be alone? Being alone is scary, its uncomfortable. It can also be liberating and empowering. At what point does that magical transition take place that takes loneliness and turns into liberation? OrContinue reading “The Birthday That Wasn’t”

Taking life for granted, Grant me the serenity…..

Not a running post per say. From a young age I knew I wouldn’t have it easy. I knew I’d have to fight for what I wanted. This has mostly served me well. When your parents have friends who have kids your age, you become friends. Sometime in middle or elementary school I made suchContinue reading “Taking life for granted, Grant me the serenity…..”

Wasatch 100 recap

You must know by now that I completed this hard and unforgiving race. Before the race started I was baffled about the challenging course, knowing there was no qualifier to enter and why someone would choose this course as their first 100 miler. I met quite a few of those people out there. The weekContinue reading “Wasatch 100 recap”

Vermont 100 recap

What a ride. July 15-16 the Vermont 100 miler. Finishing in 23:41:47 earning the big buckle. A sub 24 hour finish was my B goal. Back up a bit. The previous weekend is when the whirlwind trip started. I first got up well before the sun and headed to a local race where I hadContinue reading “Vermont 100 recap”

#Birdstrike vs The Speed Project

As much as I try I will never be able to put into words the feeling and experience of the weekend. I agreed to this journey without hesitation and without much knowledge. Lesko asked if I would be in for “an awesome adventure with Oiselle,” or something along those lines. How do you say noContinue reading “#Birdstrike vs The Speed Project”