All that can happen in 5 years

All the racing, all the miles, all the medals would not have been possible without a choice I made 5 years ago today. My life without a doubt would be inherently different. I wouldn’t know what it was like to push my body to exhaustion, to feel the gains from hard workouts, and to wakeContinue reading “All that can happen in 5 years”

My first 100K- going the distance

Entering the land of the unknown can be scary and also exhilarating. Saturdays’ adventure was no exception. Attempting a new race distance and with the unpredictable weather we have had, everything was up in the air. Coming off a high from February’s win, I had been feeling confident and well prepared. My training was reallyContinue reading “My first 100K- going the distance”

John Dick Memorial Crusty 50K recap

This was supposed to be a training run and in most ways it was. The night before was like most nights before a long run or sometimes a race. I had to download new music, check the course, get my clothes laid out, check the weather, charge my watch, and make sure i had allContinue reading “John Dick Memorial Crusty 50K recap”