Saturday 2-18
so it was about 30ish and sunny. I thought I was supposed to do 6 miles, but it was only 4. i was ok with that since I am doing 15 tomorrow. There was a 7mph wind at the beginning. the route was on sprecher till the 2 mile mark and turn around. Literally when i turned around my side on the left started to hurt. I was very concerned that i pulled a muscle. It did feel good to be on my route though, man i missed it. It was a little hard to get out the door, a little procrastination on my part. Saturdays are Rogers days to work out first, and then me after. Sundays are my days to go first. So I got in my groove to drink coffee and relax.

I wore rei socks, warmer weather brooks tights, red craft base layer, nf black outer layer. nf gloves, black bula, Berkeley hat, and shades.

4.02 miles in 34:48

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