Bike Rides and No Bullshit

Yesterday was so beautiful and I got the pleasure to ride my bike around lake monona with Brando. It was my first attempt and really trying not to get lost in the massive city of monona. We made it and got to have sweet chinese food on the way. can we say score!?

starting the day meeting a woman who is going to be one of the most important people in my life. The journey that I see us going through is going to be amazing and the outcome is going to be life changing. My outlook on life in teh present and in the future is so bright I literally had to put my shades on. I am sooo done with dwelling on the things that have already happened and ready to dive in with no bullshit.

Then after work I get the pleasure of getting my hair did for the fashion show tomorrow night. Ashlee is amazing, some gloss color and I feel like a new woman! I am so excited to be a part of this show, so many amazing woman involved and for such a good cause. And, I’ll get all done up and be a show stopper!

Saturday is going to be a great day as well. I get to see my brother play one of his favorite sports: softball. I do always enjoy it, and Roger gets to come and see the all star athlete he is!

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