Nothing Like a Run before a 6 hour car ride

The weather was in the teens Friday and I had to get a run in quickly. Roger and I were headed to northern Mi for a ski race for him. I decided to run 7 miles, the route that i run for 7 is actually a little over that. I run to my work and back along Cottage Grove Rd, I would have to say that is my favorite route to run. The tranquil run alongside the highway may seem dangerous to some, but I find it quite peaceful and I turn to that route when I need it the most.

I do believe that this was taken before i left, usually the vest is unnecessary, but on the way down i encounter a headwind 90 percent of the time, so it is helpful as I am warming up.
so for clothes: as you can see northface quilted hat, bula neck gator, red craft base layer, ice breaker mid, and alo outer layer. Vest as added precaution, sporthill tights, smartwool socks and the usual shoes.

No more coils for this lady. i have found they don’t help that much and have hurt my feet. my right foot is acting up and fearing a bunion is forming :/

7.20 miles in 1:02:09

Today was 5 miles, felt good went a bit off of a regular course. I really like running alongside the hwy way better than in town. It was about 20 degrees, wind at about 5mph but not bad really. Also we found my missing glove, which was a total lifesaver. tomorrow was a scheduled rest day, but with going out of town tomorrow a.m. and not being able to get a run in on Saturday, I am going to run before we leave. We will be in Minnesota sun, mon, and tues so i will find a route to run those days.

I wore sports bra tank, ice breaker long sleeve, and alo long sleeve with sporthill tights, rei socks, bula neck gator, nf hat, and nf gloves. no coils today and threw on the vest as i was leaving the house, probably could have done without it. i didn’t put on dermatone either and i was ok because it wasn’t that windy.  Looks like tomorrow will be 7 miles and then 12 on Sunday!

shoo fly

Day 3:
So starting the day a little slow and planning on doing 7 miles and only doing 6 due to short time before having to be at work. so i add a mile to tomorrow, simple as that.

It was a little warmer today, low 20’s but no wind!!! I ran my regular route which is always nice. still missing a glove, and my other ones were still wet, so took a pair of the kids knit gloves. Lower temp berkely pants, reg sports bra, white nf long sleeve, nf black half-zip, and windstop nf jacket. Blue bula neck gator, and nf knit hat. I was comfortable, cold at first but that’s  how it should be.

   Tomorrow will be 5 miles. Wish me luck!

It’s a new day

yesterday was my first official day of training for my second marathon. I am using a new program this time, the Pfitz 18/55, which is basically an 18 week program peaking at 55 miles per week. I am tweaking it a bit so that I am actually peaking at a higher weekly amount.
I had a good idea to document my attire, my feelings, my progress all by pictures. The pictures may be a before, after, or during shot. the main goal of this is see what i am wearing in what temps, how i was feeling, etc. hopefully this will benefit myself in the future for future races and maybe some others as well!

yesterday was also my birthday and i forgot to take the picture, but today i did!

I probably over dressed today, I could have went without the vest, and the balaclava i wore today was one that I had never worn before and was too loose. the route I normally run is into the wind down and tailwind on the way back. Leggings, brooks colder tights, rei socks, sports bra, blue craft base layer, ice breaker long sleeve and alo orange top. sporthill balaclava, berkely hat, no buff today which was OK, since i was on the warm side. thinner gloves.

It was 20ish but with 15mph winds, I really hate the wind!

On other news it is about to be my…9 month sober anniversary on the 27th. so that’s good!

i will try my hardest to post everyday or at least post a bunch of days at a time  🙂

p.s. i have set a goal this year to run 2,012 miles in 2012, if i can surpass that, then THAT would be awesome!


Long time my friends.

I ran my first full marathon 10/29/11 called the Haunted Hustle. I ran it in 3:52:23, I was shooting for sub 3:45, but it is OK, it was my first after all. I was expecting to hit the wall, or fall apart after mile 21, but none of it happened. I stayed strong throughout and had a “perfect” race. roger and Amelia were there, and my brother drove up to see me and he found my on the course!
The race was very emotional for me also, I had to stop my self from crying like 4 times.

Recovery has been OK, I took a whole week off from any exercise, Monday I resumed. 4 miles then 3 yesterday along with core and some leg work. I have been having some trouble with my knees so I am trying to strengthen them before i start my training in Jan for the Madison marathon in May.

For all of you who do not know, Friday is a day that I have been looking forward to for along time! 11-11-11, wishes aplenty!

PArty LiKe It’S 1999

Yesterday was my first half-marathon. This was the race that I have been training for, all my hard work led up to this moment!
Up at 5:30am ready with coffee and my granola, ipod charged; race number, sun glasses, watch= check.
We had all the kids and got them up and everyone out of the house by 6ish for the 7am start time. With 10 minutes before the start everyone in the corrals, stomachs turning with nervousness and excitement, they call a race delay for incoming weather. Seriously.

it was a nasty storm, and after an hour and a half we were lined up and ready to rock. It was still pouring rain and I equipped with only sunglasses as a way to keep the water from my eyes, was soo nervous. I’m in corral F with an estimated finish time of 2 hours, lets do this already!
And we’re off, I feel good by mile 3, I was soaked through and my light jacket was no longer protecting me from the rain, it was just making my cold; off it went. The rain stopped and it was warming up and the miles were flying by. I was thinking to myself “wow this is going by fast”
I knew my pace was faster than I had been running and the couple people i had my sights on to beat were far behind me after the first 2 miles.
I planned to take my gel at the half way point of 6.5, and I was to 7 before I was eating it. At mile 10 the kids and Roger literally pulled up 5 seconds before i ran by and I was finally able to toss him my jacket. If he wasn’t there soon I swear i was just gonna chuck it aside! I see the 10 mile clock and I was 5 minutes faster than the 10 mile race i ran 2 weeks prior!! That was a great feeling!
Between miles 11 and 12 I could feel myself pushing back against me, my legs resisting. I ate a couple chews and pushed through it, I only had like a mile to go, I can’t puss out now!
Also starting about mile 11 there was a woman near me who I vowed to beat, we were neck and neck for those last couple miles and she got all excited at the 13 mile mark, clapping her hands and all. I was like see-ya, seriously sprinted to the end, even with my ipod in i could hear the kids and Roger cheering and yelling at me!
It was the best feeling, finishing strong and harder than i ever have run a race and having my family there to see me.

I get to the results tent and the two people in front of me didn’t have finish times on their records and all I could think was, “please let my timing chip have worked”.
It did.

net time: 1:46:29
pace: 8:09
5 mile: 40:28
pace: 8:06
10 mile: 1:19:56
last 5k:26:44   i knew i was slowing my pr is 23:59
pace: 8:38
rank 515

division place :26
gender place: 119
overall place: 503

I am pretty sore today and i know it comes with the territory, but no resting for me, in 4 weeks I have a half trail run, and 5 weeks after that i am doing a marathon. pretty sure i have caught the running bug and I like it!
pretty sweet that my number was 1999, just sayin’

hoochie mama

I just had my 10 mile race yesterday and I am pretty happy with the results. I held back a little because I was hesitant of the course going into it blind. I didn’t want to “blow my wad” at the beginning and be dead at the end. I finished 11th out of 192 in my age group.
It’s 3 more weeks till the race I’ve been training for, I feel ready and I am anxious to keep training until then. I am signing up for a marathon trail run 2 weeks after the half.

I feel that if a person goes through life worrying about what other people think of them, they must be so miserable. Learning to embrace yourself for who you are and not taking what others think to value is the best you can do. If all they have to do is talk about you, then hey!
To be attacked as a parent and to be told that I am no role model honestly stings a bit, but I know that you cannot reason with stupid.

sooo tired

Sorry about the absence, life has been all over the place.
The family and I just got back from the east coast, yes we drove. It took about 16 hours to make the trip. The kids had a great time and the day at the beach was a hit! Family road trips take on a whole new meaning when you are the parent.

My goal was to work out at each hotel we stayed at so i could stay on track with my running. I did run 2 of the days, but only a total of 6 miles; can we say less than ideal!
Yesterday we did a 25 mile bike ride and I was eager to get some exercise in and I knew it would be a nice warm up for my legs. Today was my long run day and I was planning for my 11 mile route. Roger and I relished in the fact that we could lay in bed this morning without rushing so we got up a little later than anticipated. By 8:30am it was already 90 degrees. So we both set out on our respective workouts, he to bike, me to run.

I was stocked with 2 bottles of water, 2 salt tabs, a gel, and some chews. By the 4 mile mark I was hot, I forgot that there is NO shade on the route. I ran out of water with about 2 miles to go and I started to get cold with the sweat. There was one large spot of shade that I stopped in and almost lost it. The last mile home was so slow that I probably could have walked faster.

Tomorrow we fly out to Atlanta and we are staying at this resort with lots of running trails and paths, so I am excited to go and keep up my training routine. In less than 2 weeks I have a 10 miler.

updated my playlist

Almost back on track with my training schedule, in the last 2 days I ran about 15 miles for the week 24 so that’s about where i left off when I hurt my knee. I haven’t been stretching like I should and I can feel it. Still doing my strength and core exercises so that’s good?

Sometimes I feel like whipping yourself into shape should be just as easy for your mind. some people lose themselves while on a run or a ride, not me. my mind kinda goes blank and i focus on the words of the songs on my ipod. my mind will run a bit and thoughts will cross my mind, but i don’t have these epiphany moments or anything.

they get it, they love you no matter what and they form a bond with you in such a short time. a person can feel just as strongly about a pet than they can about a human. the loss of such pet can be devastating, life changing. they do love you unconditionally.

looking forward to this week with my sister and niece and taking things as they are.

Rain, Rain Go Away

After taking about a week off, and easing back into the running my knee is feeling better. It is not 100% yet, but I can go 5 miles without it starting to hurt. by next week i hope to back on schedule, but I am not pushing it that’s for sure.

I do not have a race until the end of July which kinda sucks, but I can’t really fit anything else in! We did a nice bike ride this past weekend with the kids, it was the Trek 100. We all did the 19 mile bike ride. Amelia did awesome, she was flying past us at times and she has so much strength and she has so little confidence. On the way back she was getting a little cocky and she fell in the gravel and skinned her knee, after a pretty big cry fest she was back on the bike and we made it back.

The weather is crap today, I am going to put off running till this afternoon with the hopes that the rain stops and the temp soars. (fingers crossed) I do not want to run on the treadmill that hurts my knee the most.

The kids are out of school and in summer school now till after the 4th of July. That is nice for everyone, and Amelia gets to stay here instead of going to her dads, we all like that~