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When & where

When: August 8-11 2024. 

Where: ROAM Adventure Base Camp in Seeley, WI. I am excited to run and share the miles of single track trails and glorious country roads with you all! 

Capacity: Spots are limited to 16 campers. 

Getting there: Closest airport is Minneapolis. Carpooling is encouraged. There is ample parking once you arrive.

cost and travel

Cost: $1,000, including a $150 non-refundable deposit.

What that gets you: All costs are covered for camp once you arrive. 

  • Delicious food and coffee provided by Velo Cafe in Cable, WI.  Other meals provided by local establishments.
  • 5-6 guided runs including workouts and long run
  • Cabins that sleep 6
  • Yoga and strength sessions
  • Creative writing
  • Swag bag
  • Sport nutrition


Who this is for: This camp is for experienced runners. There is a combination of single track trail running and road running.

Expectation: This is a multi day camp, running 30-45 miles over 3.5 days. Two days of multiple runs, with a long day on Saturday.

New: 10% of total registrations will be donated to CAMBA

When in ROAM, adventure greets you at the door.  You’ll have direct access to over 1.5 million acres of county and national forest.  If you love outdoor warm-weather activities like mountain biking, trail running or hiking, the unmatched variety of trails within Sawyer and Bayfield County Forests and the Chequamegon National Forest are don’t-miss experiences.   Depart from daily life and find your inspiration.

Introducing our yoga instructor!

Cari Hayes

Cari is both an ultra trail runner and a 200-hour-trained yoga teacher who loves helping fellow runners improve mobility and prevent injury through mindful movement! She believes that yoga is for everybody and every body.
Cari teaches with a lighthearted, relaxed, and playful attitude. While encourages the students to explore, connect with their bodies, and find what works for them.

Our Creative Writing Teacher for Camp:

Meet Jen!

She is a high school English teacher. 
This camp will combine trail running with exploratory writing to foster stronger connection between mind and body. This connection to ourselves and each other builds courage that sustains us in our goals and daily lives. We will practice discovery, reflection, and awe through our words and movement on the trails.
Jen has over 20 years of experience teaching writing, and has been working with adults on developing writing practices to improve self awareness and confidence. She’s also an avid trail runner and ultrarunner, completing three 100 mile races and two R3 in the Grand Canyon. Jen knows the value of embodiment gained through trail running and writing.

Meet Nora

Introducing the woman behind the camp.

This camp has been a dream of mine ever since I became a coach. The first few years the camp was actually held in March. My idea was to have a spring training camp for runners. Holding this camp that time of year was tricky. There was usually a fair bit of snow left on the ground, and the cold temps were challenging for out of towners. My dream was coming true though.

I made the decision to change the time of year camp was held so that we could utilize the amazing trail system that was literally out the back door. We now get the best of both worlds, road and trail.

Seeing repeat campers alongside new people really is a remarkable thing to see. Curating a space that people can grow, challenge themselves, be vunerable, and meet like minded individuals truly is the best.

Come see what the fuss is all about and join us in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like and what should I bring?
Typical weather in August ranges from the mid 60s to high 80s. Wisconsin is usually humid. We have been lucky in the past to have little to no mosquitoes, but plan for it. I would plan to bring warmer clothes for the evening.

Is there an age restriction?
Technically, no. Over 21 is preferred, but if you would like to attend, please send us a message.

Is there an ability level or pace limit?
There is no pace limit. We try to pair up people with similar paces so that no one runs alone. 

When is check-in and check-out?
Check in will be no earlier than 3 p.m. Thursday. Camp finishes up around 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. PLEASE remember it is a 2+ hour drive to Minneapolis airport when arranging travel.

What if I’m injured and want to attend camp?
Things happen, we understand. There are options to modify the routes. There is yoga, a sauna, and the writing portion is very valuable. 

What else should I bring? 

I would plan to bring anything you would want camping. Even though the cabins are fantastic, there is no fridge or plug outlets. Towels for the shower and bathing suit for the sauna. Road and trail shoes.

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