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 Dates are August 10-13 2023. We will once again be staying at ROAM Adventure Base Camp in Seeley, WI. I am excited to run and share the miles of single track trails and glorious country roads with you all! 

Cost is $950, a non-refundable deposit of $150 is required as your deposit. 

New: 10% of each registration will be donated to CAMBA

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All costs are covered for camp excluding getting yourself there. Yoga and strength sessions will be taught along with creative writing. Delicious food and coffee will be provided by Velo Cafe in Cable, WI. There are opportunities to go into Hayward and Cable. We go out to dinner Saturday night to Rivers Eatery in Cable.

Getting there: You can fly into Minneapolis or Madison, it is a slightly shorter drive from Minneapolis. Carpooling is encouraged. Obviously there is an option to drive with ample parking once you arrive.

Spots are limited to 16 campers. Please keep in mind that this is a multi day camp, running 40-50 miles over 3.5 days. Two days of multiple runs. There is a mix of road running and trail running.


This camp is NOT for beginners. It is summer in the northwoods so the weather can be unpredictable. Think humidity, mosquitoes, rain accompanied by sunshine, warmth, and buttery trails. 









When in ROAM, adventure greets you at the door.  You’ll have direct access to over 1.5 million acres of county and national forest.  If you love outdoor warm-weather activities like mountain biking, trail running or hiking, the unmatched variety of trails within Sawyer and Bayfield County Forests and the Chequamegon National Forest are don’t-miss experiences.  Winter activities include over 50 miles of groomed FAT bike/snowshoe trails, and nordic skiing directly from your cabin to the Birkie Trail’s 90k of cross country skiing heaven on snow.  Depart from daily life and find your inspiration.

Introducing our Yoga instructor for the weekend:

Victoria Andrews
Victoria is a Madison-based Yoga teacher, specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
She has been the yoga instructor for camp the past couple years and I happy to announce her return for 2023. Her small group, individual, and whole group instruction throughout camp has been a highlight. 
A strong and dedicated Yoga practice helps to support and enrich an active lifestyle, with the expressive and creative nature of our body’s full range of movement fully encouraged.

Introducing Emily!

I knew Emily would be the right person to add to the “behind the scenes” of camp. She spends her summers camping and running. What a place to do both of those things surrounded by women who are like minded.
I asked her to be a part of camp last year and she was the perfect addition. Being a good friend and a phenomenal person, I couldn’t help but ask her to return in 2023.
From tablecloths, to flowers, and to using camping and camera equipment that was her grandmothers was so sweet and touching. She added a level of comfort and ease to the entire camp.

Meet Jen

Introducing our Creative Writing Teacher for the weekend:

Jen. This is her day job.

She is a high school English teacher. Is that why I asked her to come to a running training camp and lead us all through some deep and hard writing? Well, yes. But also no. I asked her to be a part of it because she is good at what she does. 

She is also a runner. You may recognize her face from our February challenge and Mohican.

Having the summer off from her normal job, she spends a great deal of that time traveling. I knew her time would be precious but worth it. I think that going forward she will be a staple in the Team Bird Training Camp!


"Running has been part of my life for as long as I can remember with most of my miles solo. Bird Camp opened my eyes & heart to the magic of running with others! Nora & crew create an environment that pushes all of the physical & mental boundaries in the best way possible. Camp is more than just about running it is about friendship, exploring nature, eating killer food by the camp fire, laughing until you have abs & letting go. I keep returning each year because I never leave as the same person. I cannot wait for 2023, bring on the adventure."



"Running camp in northern Wisconsin was an incredible experience! Not only did we get to run the beautiful wooded trails, but we also enjoyed instructor-led yoga, journalling, relaxing in a hot sauna, and forge connections with each other. Nora is so knowledgeable and supportive, and pushed me to push myself. As a second time camper, I've always come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and with a renewed appreciation for the connection between running and mental well-being. I highly recommend this camp to any runner looking to improve and refocus their relationship with our sport."



"I’ve been to camp for two years now and both times I had a lot of fun and befriended some awesome people. I’ve been running for years but am working on building up my confidence, and being able to do some really challenging workouts in a super supportive environment was so good for that. Nora does a great job balancing fun and relaxation with running and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed and valuable."


Team Bird Training Camp is one of the events I look forward to most every year; the dates added to my calendar as soon as I know them. What makes camp so special?? I could write pages and pages, but here the top 3 things love about it: the people, the place, and the sense of belonging.

The people: first and foremost, is Nora. She puts her whole heart into making camp an incredible experience. She makes you want to come back year after year and ensures everyone she brings on board to help is amazing-from Victoria leading yoga, to Jen guiding us through writing, to Emily keeping everything running so perfectly smooth. They make camp wonderful for us.

The place: ROAM Adventure Base Camp is an oasis away from regular life. It’s incredibly beautiful and a shade of green that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The nearby trails are so beautiful and buttery-hands down my most scenic runs of the year. The cabins are comfortable and the showers and sauna are *chef’s kiss*. The meals we get from town nearby are so good; we are well-fed all of camp.

The belonging: a feeling of knowing I’m where I’m supposed to be and I’m welcome there. This is a shout-out to my fellow campers. They are special people with big hearts and I can’t wait to see them all.


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