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Thank you for your interest in the Team Bird Training Camp 2019!!

Some details to help you decide if this camp is right for you.

This is a training camp, not a retreat. Yes there is downtime and plenty of time to relax, but there is also running. Two of the days will be double days, mileage can be adjusted though.

The date is March 21-24 2019 arriving Thursday late afternoon(so we can get a short run in still) and leaving Sunday afternoon(so we can run before you leave). As a point of reference it is about 3 hours from the twin cities and 5 hours from Madison.

We will be in the Northwoods of WI in March, so the weather can be unpredictable. Some years it has been 80, others(like last year) we can have snow. Either way it will probably be humid. We are also in the woods. We will have cabins that are equipped with radiant floor heating, comfortable beds, amazing fire pits, and a shower building. The trails are accessible from the door. ROAM Adventure Base Camp is our home base.

We plan to have a yoga instructor and a special speaker join us this year.

If weather and trail conditions permit, we will be enjoying other activities such as snowshoeing, or mountain biking. You will have time to enjoy the nearby towns(Hayward, Cable, and Seeley) with shopping, eating, and sightseeing.

Registration opens October 1st. If you sign up by the end of the month I will give you 10% off the total camp if you pay in full. Full cost of the camp is $850, half is required upon registration. The other half will be due Feb 1st. There is also a non-refundable deposit of $150 which goes towards the cost of camp.

Full camp:

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If you want to see how camp went last year you can search #teambirdtrainingcamp18!

Here are some photos of camp last year:
Some photos courtesy of Joe Pajamas.

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