My first run in the city! Do you realize how hard it is to run on a city block when you have to stop at every fricken light?! It sucks, thankfully I have the feature enabled on my watch to pause when i stop so the time is closer to accurate. My first mile was torture. The plan was to run 8 with 10x100m. I ran close to that, I did most of the strides at the beginning mostly to help my body warm up faster. I chose a route alongside the Mississippi River, another extension of the Grand Round. Got side tracked with not paying that close attention, good thing i remembered my maps!

Wore REI socks, colder temp Brooks pants, sports bra, ice breaker mid, and alo outer with the vest. the weather was supposed to be warmer, but when i went out at about 9 am it was only about 30. I was glad i wore the gator and the the warmer hat too!

My body was definitely tired from the previous day and the strides also did a toll, but doing them at the beginning helped alot to help my recovery.

7.48 miles in 1:08:37

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