This is Team Bird Training
I offer a few different basic coaching options that can be modified to meet the individual’s needs. We will communicate by email, text, social media, and phone as needed. I am available to help in any and all ways that I can and that you need.

I offer training plans year round. Most people are looking to train for a specific goal race and follow a training cycle for x-amount of weeks. I will prepare a schedule that fits your needs and goals.

Plan 1

Online coaching. I will provide a training plan based on past plans that have worked for you, the time you have available, and your goal while providing support and feedback. This plan starts at $125/mo which can include a strength workout plan and nutrition guidelines.

Plan 2

This plan includes everything from the first plan with the addition of face to face time. I will join you 2x -3x a month, this is usually for a long run, however it can be for a speed workout and a long run. This plan starts at $175/mo.

Plan 3

This is my favorite because I really get to see the progress happen before my eyes! This plan includes everything from the second plan and I will join you 2x-3x a week. It usually is a speed session at the beginning of the week and a long run toward the end. Starts at $265/mo.

Static Plans

These are now available as well. If you are looking to train for X race and are looking for a tailored plan for you without as much one-on-one interaction that is an option as well.


Do you already have a plan you like or a routine you can’t give up? We can schedule a consulting call where I can point you in the right direction and discuss possible other training options. Starting at $25.
I also offer a la carte training as well. If after choosing a plan and decide that you would like me to join you for a run my rate is $40/hr. Travel time will also be considered for all plans.