May 3, 2011

Saturday was my first race. The forecast was saying rain and wind. I really didn’t care about the rain, it’s the wind. So, as it turned out no rain, but wind aarrgghhh!

I think about 20,000 people showed up to race, I was racing on a team that donated the cost to the make-a-wish foundation. My wave was section I, semi towards the front. I am all ready for the race. I am layered up, got my ipod, etc. Only to find out that Ipod=dead, go figure. Under layer=too hot. So on my first race I ran with no music and I had to change at the starting line.
 I was ready even though I hadn’t ran since Tuesday.

Observatory hill was the least of my worries, it was the wind!!!  rounding mile 3, I was feeling good, that was the watering hole. I was very hesitant to drink on the run, and at the last minute I grabbed a cup and struggled to drink without splashing myself in the face. Instant side ache that continued into mile 4 and I was going down hard, talk about a dive. I was confused since I run 5 miles all the time with no problem. But by the time I got to 4.5 I was pushing to the finish line. Upon crossing the finish I had no idea what my time was, I was too busy scanning the faces for Roger and the kids.
I was convinced all day I had had my worst run ever. results are in: 42:48, my best time yet!! So needless to say even though it seemed the cards were stacked against me, I still came out on top.

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