Don’t Stop Believing

Wednesday 2-15

I ran the same route pretty much as yesterday and I needed to do 10. it was so nice to be out there with the lakes so close and so still, covered with ice and snow. It is so beautiful and so calming. I ran at about 10am and man what a difference than running in the evening here, no one was out except the stay at home moms and a couple elderly people. I think I counted 5 other runners. It was really nice. For the first time yesterday i saw the results of my hard work, my body is now starting to reflect it. It is nice to see the evidence. with me not being a patient person, to wait this long to see the results is so hard. i got back to the place and I had .4 to go so i ran up and down the block to get the 10 in!
10 miles in 1:30:19, clearly a slower day than yesterday, but not all days can be fast!

I wore brooks colder weather tights, rei socks, nf sports bra tank, ice breaker base, and alo outer. no gator today but i did wear the hat and the nf gloves.

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