Tuesday 2-21

yesterday was a rest day, not entirely a rest day but a rest day from running nonetheless. I went to a new yoga place. i have heard good things about the place and have always wanted to try it out, but it is kinda pricey. But…thanks to groupon they had a 10 session deal, so of course I had to get it! The session was a hot yoga class and I needed it. I really liked it and will be going back for sure! i had planned to go to spin class as well Monday night but too many activities with the children.
It was about 30 degrees this morning with some flurries. This was also my only work day this week, so I had to be done with the run by 930. 9 miles with 4 at race pace. I did really well I thought, pretty fast. I felt good and had a bit of side pain at first but it dissipated quickly. i was very tired though as you can see! I wore the colder weather brooks tights, nf sports bra tank, ice breaker base and alo top. bula neck gator, berkeley hat, and castelli band over the hat to keep my ears warm, sometimes the hat rides up.
9 miles in 1:14:58

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