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Now you can represent Team Bird at your next race!

My favorite cold weather stocking hat

The best lightweight flat brim running hat.

Everyone loves a good beanie. This is perfect for casual wear or for on the run!

 Introducing a lighter blend that is perfect for espresso, french press, or pour over.

Introducing the newest product for Team Bird.

One size fits most, unisex sock. New Team Bird design.

This is a blend in collaboration with Ancora Coffee.

A lined journal with an embossed front. Use for training or just everyday thoughts

By popular demand I have come out with a new design for the Team Bird gaiter. 

Is there a statement that is more fitting for running or life than this?

Orchard Street Press does it again with another classic T-shirt. 

Some of the affiliate partners I work with that I am passing along discounts to you!

Fo//ow ho//ow

athletic brewing

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