Happy ST. Pat’s Day!

Saturday 3-17-12

yesterday was a rest day, and today is the 10K Shamrock Shuffle. Rog and I are doing this race together, my first race of the season, and his first ever 10K. the plan is to run together the whole way and to take it easy, not to push too hard and stay comfortable. for me there are alot of nerves before any race and today was no different. We got there in plenty of time and got to the front and started out great. at the first mile marker we were at a 7:30ish pace, which didn’t really feel like we were going that fast so we didn’t slow down. after the 3 mile turnaround i was just starting to settle into my groove and told him we couldn’t go any faster due to my 20 miler the next day. so we kept our pace. towards the end we both sprinted to the end finishing within 1 sec of each other. my finish time was 47:29 with a 7:39 pace. that’s a PR for me for sure! and for his first 10K ever, wow!
There’s us after the race, we were gonna get a before pic, but he had to use the “johnny on the spot” soooo bad he was coming out of his skin!

needless to say it was a great race we both felt good afterwards. it was nice a sunny out and road bikes with the kids later to get ice cream.

p.s. happy birthday to Mrow Mrow and to Roger’s dad.

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