I just had my 10 mile race yesterday and I am pretty happy with the results. I held back a little because I was hesitant of the course going into it blind. I didn’t want to “blow my wad” at the beginning and be dead at the end. I finished 11th out of 192 in my age group.
It’s 3 more weeks till the race I’ve been training for, I feel ready and I am anxious to keep training until then. I am signing up for a marathon trail run 2 weeks after the half.

I feel that if a person goes through life worrying about what other people think of them, they must be so miserable. Learning to embrace yourself for who you are and not taking what others think to value is the best you can do. If all they have to do is talk about you, then hey!
To be attacked as a parent and to be told that I am no role model honestly stings a bit, but I know that you cannot reason with stupid.

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