Thursday 3-15

doing the Vilas(Hope) Loop today and I am so excited, out the door again by 7:30 and it is so foggy out. The temperature is high 50’s and already humid. Running in the country and early in the morning os peaceful, reallky helps me clear my head and get me into a great mood! my legs are still heavy though, so making it a bit difficult.

Also I have to remember that running in cold weather versus warmer weather that you need to hydrate differently. Example: I can run a 12 miler in cold weather and not need fuel or water, but a 12 miler in 60 degrees I need water at least.
Sporting the compression sleeves, pink shoes, nf shorts, nf long sleeve t, and visor instead of sunglasses. I am ready to get rid of the winter runners’ tan, and the sunglass tan i already have aquired!
11 miles in 1:37:56

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