monday May 7

Since my last post i have raced another race. This was an 8K race on 4/28 . I planned on shooting for a sub 37, that would have been a PR by 5 minutes! This was an important race for me as it was the first race that I ran last year as i began my racing journey. I also ran this race last year shortly after I decided to change my life. Running this race was of course important to me. i ran on the team that i ran on last year and planned on running with the guy who’s team it is, but i ended up running with his brother-in-law. This guy is fast, we stayed together for the first 2 miles and then i dropped back as he sped up. i finished the race with a 34:33! kick ass time, top 10 in my age group out of 19,000 people!

Fast Forward a week. This past week was my last week before my taper and I ended it with a bang. Last 20 miler of the cycle yesterday was a doozy. i encountered hail, lighting, and pouring rain. So I am sore today and enjoying my rest day to the fullest.
Till tomorrow my friends

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