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Sunday September 23

Today was the last long run of my training cycle for the 50 miler in about 4 weeks. I ran 29 miles, the plan was to run 30 but i chose to run a flat easier last 8 miles than hills. the sacrifice of one mile was worth it. I have been having some pain in soleus(the bottom of my calf muscle) and it travels from the bottom of my foot up to my hamstring. I was hesitant about the run this morning because the last 4 miles of my run yesterday it flared up. This is my own fault though, I am horrible at stretching. I literally don’t do it. I ran strong the past 2 days and i went out today with the intent to not pay attention to pace or time, just run at a slow even pace. this run was about time on my feet not the speed or even necessarily the miles.

I am a religious runner when it comes to listening to music, if my iPod is dead i will wait for it to charge or not go. today at 2.5 hours in my iPod died. so i ran last half with no music. fortunately i was on a cty hwy with little traffic and the last 8 were on the local trail. truthfully it wasn’t that bad. I CAN RUN WITHOUT MUSIC!

If you are a runner you know that all sorts of things go through your head while running. you can have your best ideas out there on the open road. Today my mind was on my wedding. yes folks i am engaged and we have decided on a 2013 winter wedding. thinking about where, what to wear, and cakes!

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