I have finally hit the wall.

Saturday August 4

Today was the start of my back to back weekend long runs. i set my plan to run a new course, it measured at 21.43, my goal was to do 20, that extra 1.43 will be easy i told myself. i started out around 8 a.m. and we didn’t have time to pre-place water along the course so i was left with my 2-8oz bottle on my fuel belt for the entire race. the forecast was gonna be hot. great.

I felt great at the start, nice wind. i knew that i had to conserve the water so my first drink wasn’t until mile 8, around an hour to wash down the packet of peanut butter i ate. this was also my first time trying new fuel. turning onto the second leg i could feel the sun getting hotter and i was running out of water fast. right around my 2 hour mark i was out of water and hoping to see someone in their yard with a hose or something! i can across some people detassling corn and i asked if they could spare some water, ch-ching i got an ice cold bottle of water!! thanks to those guys!

onto leg 3, i knew this would be the worst part, tail wind and no shade with the sun high. water lasted about 6 miles and i was fading fast, i have NEVER walked during a race or in a training run, today i broke that. I hit the inevitable wall for the first time since i started running less than 2 years ago. i really does suck as much as everyone says it does. i knew roger would come look for me if i wasn’t home within 3.5 hours, so my plan was to make it to the next shady area(i couldn’t see any up ahead though) and rest till he came looking for me. it was 2 miles back and i knew i couldn’t walk the rest of the way. a fellow runner who was driving past recognized the fade and offered to give me a ride, i hesitantly accepted and blasted the ac.

i got dropped off 2 blocks from home and i didnt think i was gonna make it, hands a feet numb, dizzy. i thought i was going down for the count. made in the door and fell on the bed. you know you’re hot when you melt an ice pack on your chest in less than 10 minutes.

tomorrow i go back out to tackle 24 miles. i will however go out 2 hours earlier and have drop stops. Also getting all i can take with the London Olympic Track, and Triathalon has given me that extra push.

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