Saturday 3-10

It has been very windy around here lately. Today the winds are in the upper 20 mph! A weekend with no kids and Roger is gone so I headed out on my run towards Marshall. It is 2 miles in town and then I hit the Cty Hwy. I was feeling good and happy and the run seemed like it was perfect. This was an 18 miler. I knew however that the wind was at my back and I would soon be facing it head on. the 9 mile mark was right on the edge of town and I turned around and BAM! It was like hitting a wall. The wind was 25 mph at this point and I could swear that a couple of times my feet were moving and I was not! This did not hinder my mood however, it was still sunny and I was having a good time, that route I’ve only been on once before and not that far, so it was nice to see a change in scenery. I took it easy on the first half knowing that i would be going into the wind, so I had some energy to tackle it. i took gels along the run at 1 and 2 hours.
Wearing warmer weather brooks tights, nf sports bra, nf white long sleeve base and bjorn daehlie outer. the knitted nf hat and the bula neck gator were a last minute add. i didn’t need them. I also had gloves that I didn’t need either, by the 3rd mile the gator and gloves were off a tied to my belt along with my sleeves pushed up and hat pulled up over my ears.
it being 45 degrees, i still couldn’t get out of the cold weather mind set!
18 miles in 2:54:28, first 18 miler ever.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and I took an ice bath after this run. I stayed in a total of 4 minutes!

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