yesterday was my first official day of training for my second marathon. I am using a new program this time, the Pfitz 18/55, which is basically an 18 week program peaking at 55 miles per week. I am tweaking it a bit so that I am actually peaking at a higher weekly amount.
I had a good idea to document my attire, my feelings, my progress all by pictures. The pictures may be a before, after, or during shot. the main goal of this is see what i am wearing in what temps, how i was feeling, etc. hopefully this will benefit myself in the future for future races and maybe some others as well!

yesterday was also my birthday and i forgot to take the picture, but today i did!

I probably over dressed today, I could have went without the vest, and the balaclava i wore today was one that I had never worn before and was too loose. the route I normally run is into the wind down and tailwind on the way back. Leggings, brooks colder tights, rei socks, sports bra, blue craft base layer, ice breaker long sleeve and alo orange top. sporthill balaclava, berkely hat, no buff today which was OK, since i was on the warm side. thinner gloves.

It was 20ish but with 15mph winds, I really hate the wind!

On other news it is about to be my…9 month sober anniversary on the 27th. so that’s good!

i will try my hardest to post everyday or at least post a bunch of days at a time  🙂

p.s. i have set a goal this year to run 2,012 miles in 2012, if i can surpass that, then THAT would be awesome!

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