It’s getting hot in HERE

Talk about a busy weekend, between the fashion show on friday(which was amazing by the way) and the lovely night out after, Friday ended the week perfectly! The hair, the makeup, the pretty ladies, the wonderful food, amazing clothes, and electric energy put the stamp on a fabulous night. I also conquered something thought to be very difficult and I did it without even blinking an eye. In the moments of anxiety and stomach rumbles it wasn’t even a thought, yes it would have calmed my nerves but NO ThANKS was the obvious answer. Man did I feel great, my adreneline was pumping faster than I could handle and i was so proud of myself for the small step in the right direction. Roger had planned a romantic night afterwards, and it was indeed great.

you know when you go to a sporting event and there is that one person who is cheering the loudest and yelling as if the players can hear them? That’s me. While at my brothers slow pitch softball tournement i went from sitting on the bleachers covered up with a blanket to standing up cheering on the players in the matter of about 5 minutes.

moms day this year was one of the best, my baby girl let me get in my 6 mile run. It was a PERFECT day to run and I did it in 53minutes, not too bad. and most of all i got QT with my cutie!

alrighty i am off and running(literally, those miles don’t run themselves)

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