Monday july 2

Hydration is key. the temps around here have been in the 90’s consistently with no break in the future. My mornings have been starting between 4 and 5am to get my run in before the heat hits and before the kids go to school. Even running that early and only running 6 or 8 i have to carry water. i am not however going to wear a fuel belt and a handheld bottle is a no go. I run very tight in my neck and shoulders so trying to hold onto something at the same time causes pain. I came up with a little solution. i took one of the bottles from my fuel belt(6-8oz) and wore my stow-n-go northface sports bra. the bottle fits perfect in the pocket of the sports bra. a full bottle feels heavy in a place where you are not used to that weight. I now know what it feels like to run with boobs.

my training starts this week for my 50 miler, and struggling a bit with the plan. i have one all figured out but feel like its not enough.