It’s that time of year again…

Tuesday December 25th (aka Christmas)

Last year about this time I got what every runner dreams of getting. my very own Garmin  with most of the bells and whistles. i have used it pretty much religiously since, it’s very hard to get out the door for a run without it.  But this watch and i have had our ups and downs you see… there is that beginning stage where we are feeling each other out and figuring out which buttons to push to make it work. Then you think you have it and while running inside finding out after that you didn’t turn off the GPS! or having it die on you while 6 hours into your first ultra(awesome by the way). thinking you should use some of the other functions that it offers because you only use the same 5, and you should get the most out of it, right?! then failing miserably.

next week we start a new journey, we will begin training for Boston  man oh man, i am nervous for this pfitz 12/80 plan especially since for the last month i have been averaging less than 20 miles a week. However i have accomplished my goal of 2012 miles in 2012 with about a week to go!

Today after the children were off to their respective parents houses, we went to exercise. i was off last week due to a gum surgery that left me without any physical activity. wouldn’t want to bleed out before the holiday!
i went to this new trail system that is about a 2 mile XC ski loop, this would be perfect! I get there and quickly find that it is less than ideal: no grooming has been done since the snow fall last week, lots of people have tried to ski, snowshoe, walk, etc, thus leaving uneven terrain that makes snowshoeing a bit difficult. i pushed through though and made it 2 laps with a total of 3.5 miles. not what i was hoping for but it was 17 degrees and a bit windy so i figured i did my part for the day.
as a runner or any athlete for that matter there is a point at the end of an especially hard workout where you breathe so deep into your lungs and you swear you can feel every bit of it expand with every breath leaving you with a smile on your face. to others this smile may look like a grimace, but to you it is a realization that you worked your body no matter the distance and thats a hurt we strive for.
Today I wore that smile proud.

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