Nora is a true steward of running and life long enjoyment of running. My training is efficient, appropriately challenging, flexible, varied, and FUN! She cares about the athlete first and their goals second. So glad to have found her!


I reached out to Nora in Fall of 2019 mid-cycle of the Wineglass marathon and in over my head. She didn’t question taking me on and met me exactly where I was at. Fast forward to March of 2020 when the world shut down. I had to take a break from training and coaching and I was shocked when she kept checking in on me. Never with any pressure to pick things back up, but in a human too human..I care about you kind of way. Here was this coach, who I kind of barely knew, who checked in with me every month during a global pandemic…not because she had to but because she wanted to. Needless to say, when I was finally ready to pick back up my sneakers she was right there. Every week I have a plan that kicks my ass in all the right ways. When life takes a hard left, Nora allows for that. When I am ready to go all in, Nora is ready for that. She celebrates my accomplishments, no matter how small and holds me accountable when I get in my own head. Today not only am I hitting paces that I didn’t think I had in me, I have more confidence in my running ability than I have ever had! I’m excited to see where my running and training continues to lead me with Nora in my corner!

Sarah M

Some coaches are nurturing and supportive where other coaches are full of grit. Nora is truly the best of both worlds! She offers the charismatic encouragement to get you those last few miles and will surely push you to get out of bed when your willpower plummets. Be good to yourself, you deserve this. Having Nora as a coach was my first step in solidifying that lifetime pursuit of fitness and happiness.


Nora has always inspired me to be more than I thought I could be. She paced me through the final 20 miles of my first 100 miler, reminding me of my ability while pushing me to be the strongest version of me. Her knowledge and skill prepared me during training, and her compassion and determination helped me finish.



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