The First of February: on my radar was to do 10 miles. The weather was still warmer, mid 30’s and I ran about 9am, so a bit later than I am accustomed to. My plan was to run my normal 8 mile route and then go to the highway which is 1 more mile, thus ending at 10. I get to the 4 mile mark where i would normally turn around, and that’s just what i did. I turned around! I got a 1/2mile on the way back and realized the err of my ways. Shit! but I got back and added about a mile at the end, ending shy of 10 but pretty close.
Sporting, Brooks warmer tights, thinner(but longer) rei socks, full tank nf sports bra, ice breaker long sleeve t, and nf black long sleeve t. I threw on the gator to be safe with the wind, thin cotton gloves(the kinds the kids wear) and the knit nf hat. i was warm for the most part, the way down is always colder than the way back.
9.77 miles in 1:30:29
took the opportunity to go slow, letting the body recover.

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