Sunday 2-5
This morning was full of sunshine, until i was ready to head out for a run, then the clouds made their way into the sky to block the suns warmth from reaching me. Good thing the weather was about 30 degrees, and the first half of the run was tailwind, WOOT. On the weekend i find it a bit harder to make my way out the door at a reasonable pace. Saturdays are Rogers morning to workout first and I run in the afternoon, Sundays are my day to run first and he exercise later. Still find myself with a goal of 8 a.m. to be out the door and almost every time it ends up being 8:30 or 9! Today I succeeded at making it out at 8:30ish, with two cups of coffee down and little energy. I wore my fuel belt because even in 30 degrees the water bottle in my hand gets cold, and I needed to bring a gel. I only filled one water bottle and brought my favorite gel, GU roctane in jet blackberry with caffeine!

About mile 7.2 i was at around an hour so i took the gel, gets a little thicker in the colder weather, but I’m in no rush to eat them, so I don’t mind. I find also that in the colder weather I drink less water, i do drink it, but not as fast or often. Encountered a head wind on the way back again, I looked at my watch with 1.5 to according to my head math, and I could have a PR for a 13 mile run, I get home and the run was only 12.4!  AAGGGHHH, apparently my 13 mile run is not 13 miles, I will have to find another .5ish to add somewhere, shouldn’t be too hard.
Today I wore, white rei socks, colder weather brooks tights, red long sleeve craft base layer and alo for the outer. berkeley hat and nf gloves, and the shades, can’t forget those!
12.41 miles in 1:50:32, eh
i bought new shoes yesterday as well, I will be trying them out on tomorrows run!

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