What a week! I tried out my new socks for my early week runs and they were cooler, but it seems like they came with a cost. Runners knee! What a sucky thing, I had to stop short of my run on Thursday which was very upsetting. I had just adjusted my training program to increase milage and add in my 2 new races I signed up for. Also some speed and tempo training, along with less cross training.
I went to the doctor to make sure I hadn’t hurt it seriously, ICE was the prescription and to stay off of it. Today its feeling better so I hope I can run tomorrow, it’s 9 miles.

On another note, my sister is doing ok, the have told her that the cancer will be dormant for pretty much ever. One doctor wants to make the tumors grow so they can figure out the source then attack both at the same time. It’s very time consuming and very costly. She sought a second opinion and they have a new drug that she will take twice a day and it will make her kidneys healthier and work better, but might make her kidneys sore, but healthy. It is not a long term solution, but since she’s ok, that seems to be the better option.

A month has gone by and I am still feeling optimistic and positive, for the most part don’t even miss it. Yay, me!

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