Nothing Like a Run before a 6 hour car ride

The weather was in the teens Friday and I had to get a run in quickly. Roger and I were headed to northern Mi for a ski race for him. I decided to run 7 miles, the route that i run for 7 is actually a little over that. I run to my work and back along Cottage Grove Rd, I would have to say that is my favorite route to run. The tranquil run alongside the highway may seem dangerous to some, but I find it quite peaceful and I turn to that route when I need it the most.

I do believe that this was taken before i left, usually the vest is unnecessary, but on the way down i encounter a headwind 90 percent of the time, so it is helpful as I am warming up.
so for clothes: as you can see northface quilted hat, bula neck gator, red craft base layer, ice breaker mid, and alo outer layer. Vest as added precaution, sporthill tights, smartwool socks and the usual shoes.

No more coils for this lady. i have found they don’t help that much and have hurt my feet. my right foot is acting up and fearing a bunion is forming :/

7.20 miles in 1:02:09

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