oh wind my dear old friend

Saturday 2-11-12

i know it looks like I am about to kill someone here, I felt fine however. I was back in my hometown and I still needed to run. my brother lives right by a cty hwy that leads into the country and was a perfect running route. As you can see i am bundled up. rei socks, new shoes, nf leggings, brooks colder temp tights, black craft base layer, ice breaker long sleeve t, black nf outer, nf vest, bula neck gator, Berkeley hat, and both pairs of gloves. whew that’s a long list. it was very sunny and about 11 degrees. The wind was about 10 mph and a headwind on the way back. I had a sports massage yesterday and my muscles were very loose and they felt a little jiggly at first, but then they felt great.
This was a good warm up for tomorrows 14 miler.
4.12 miles in 34:20

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