Wednesday 3-14

Happy pi day! I made an apple pie for travis for his math class with 3.14 carved into the top crust! Anyway… was in the 50’s today and I did the Vilas hope down and back route. my legs were still sore though. i felt great though otherwise, the sun really does bring out the great attitude!

Sporting SHORTS, nf sports bra and nf short sleeve T. pink shoes again, hoping to get them worked in for my 20 miler this weekend!
We have the shamrock shuffle 10 K race on saturday, Roger and i are running it together. it is going to be a training run for both of us, so we won’t be going too fast, since he isn’t ready to yet and I have a 20 miler on Sunday and I DO NOT need an injury right now!

8:04 miles in 1:10:23

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