Intermediate 50K Trail Training Plan

Have you run a 50K before? Are you looking to go faster? Are you looking to move from the road to the trails in the 50K distance? Not sure about a personal running coach yet? This plan is for you!



What you get:

    • A downloadable 16-week training plan in PDF format
    • Weekly Summary option
    • Explanations of workouts and pacing

Who this plan is for:

    • Someone who has already completed a 50K or is trying for a 50K on the trail vs road.
    • Someone who is looking to go faster, not just to finish a 50K.
    • Someone who is looking to move from the marathon to the 50K.

Before starting:

    • Have completed a 13 mile run within the last 2 weeks leading up to the plan
    • Run five days per week
    • Start at an average of 30mpw


All of these workouts are by distance or time. Take the rest days seriously. If you have an established strength program, those days should be on your hard workout days and after the run.

Sample week:

1Rest6 w/2×6. 1 w/u then 2×6 min on with 3 min off5 easy road10 min w/u 10×1 min hard, 1 min easy 10 min c/drestLong Run 2.5 hours. w/u and c/d on road. Middle on the trailsTrail Day recovery for 1.5 hours

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