Marathon Training Plan

Are you contemplating running a marathon? Have you been running for some time and you want to break out of the plateau?  Not sure about a personal running coach yet, but want more than a blanket plan that everyone uses? This plan is for you!

There is always an option to upgrade to 1-on-1 coaching throughout the process if you want/need more.



What you get:

    • A downloadable 18-week training plan in PDF format
    • Weekly Summary option
    • A half marathon tune-up scheduled
    • Race Plan option

Who this plan is for:

    • Someone who has already completed a marathon or who is an experienced runner.
    • Someone who is looking to go faster, not just to finish.
    • Explanations of workouts and pacing

Before starting:

    • Have completed a 13 mile run within the last 2 weeks leading up to the plan
    • Run five days per week
    • Start at an average of 30mpw


All of these workouts are by distance or time. Take your rest days seriously.

Sample week:

7rest8 mile Progression. 6×1 mile with 2 c/d. be careful at the beginning to not go too fast, you will end up paying for it towards the last bit of the increases.Recovery. 4 miles5 miles. 5 w/ 3×30 sec strides each milerestLong Run Intervals.13 miles. 4 w/u then 6x .5 mile hot, .25 hotter, .5 mile recovery. then 4 c/dLong Run back to back. 10 miles

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