push it reaalll goood

The hot weather is here. So my body has been acclimated to the cooler weather, now I have to get used to the hot weather. I have favorite socks that I wear(not the same pair, but a specific type) and I have realized while running my feet are so HOT! time to look for a thinner sock, ugghhh! Also, I am finding that I am needing to carry water when I normally would not, I knew it would happen just didn’t want to yet.
I feel as though my weekly mileage needs to be higher, I know I am only training for a half marathon, but I want to go bigger! I have the running fever! My weekly mileage is about 16-20, I think I want it to be 25-30. After 3 months of training, my body is starting to react, and I can’t lie, I think I am starting to like my body for the first time EVER and I am healthy! I have this sense of happiness that I haven’t had before, I am making some big changes in my life and I feel greatly optimistic!
so watch out world!

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