Rain, Rain Go Away

After taking about a week off, and easing back into the running my knee is feeling better. It is not 100% yet, but I can go 5 miles without it starting to hurt. by next week i hope to back on schedule, but I am not pushing it that’s for sure.

I do not have a race until the end of July which kinda sucks, but I can’t really fit anything else in! We did a nice bike ride this past weekend with the kids, it was the Trek 100. We all did the 19 mile bike ride. Amelia did awesome, she was flying past us at times and she has so much strength and she has so little confidence. On the way back she was getting a little cocky and she fell in the gravel and skinned her knee, after a pretty big cry fest she was back on the bike and we made it back.

The weather is crap today, I am going to put off running till this afternoon with the hopes that the rain stops and the temp soars. (fingers crossed) I do not want to run on the treadmill that hurts my knee the most.

The kids are out of school and in summer school now till after the 4th of July. That is nice for everyone, and Amelia gets to stay here instead of going to her dads, we all like that~

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