Rapture? What Rapture?

Whew! What a weekend!  Lots of live music, and tons of activity. Sometimes there is not enough time in a weekend to get everything done and have quality time together.

I made Saturday my long run day since Sunday was filled with biking. 8 miles I ran, I picked a new route to run, I ran past work, down the hill and back. I got rained on a little, honked at by some bikers, and passed a girl. Since my runs are getting longer I am trying out some different fuel sources. Right now I’m testing the gel market, Hammer and Roctane have both been good to me.
Sunday was the B Cycle launch and it was awesome, such a great way to make Madison more awesome, not sure how much more awesome it can get though!

Today’s run was good, tried out the new gear I got this weekend, was a bit sluggish, but got it done. According to my training I am only supposed to be running 4.5 daily, but I’ve amped it up to 6, my body wants more than that and I feel like I am up for the challenge. It can only make me stronger! I have signed up for two additional races, the Susan G. Komen one in about 2 weeks and the Waunafest Run at the end of July. Day by day I am feeling the improvement in my fitness and it is awesome to see the results that I never thought were gonna come!

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