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I grew up in Southwest WI right on the Wisconsin River in a very small town called Muscoda, graduating from Riverdale High School. Granddaughter of Mary Grimm, co-founder of Riverway Communities of Hope.

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Nora will run 175 miles

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I am running from Kenosha to Dubuque staying on roads totaling 175 miles. I will be attempting this as a straight forward run, which means no lengthy stops. This will be the first FKT (fastest known time) for that direction (east to west) and that distance on that course.

I will be starting this journey February 21st at midnight. I will have a live link to track as we get closer to the date.  Here is the google map with the course and aid stations added so you can see exactly where I will be running : #RUNACROSSWI

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This run has a two-fold purpose:

To set the FKT and to raise awareness and money for Riverway Communities of Hope. This charity is close to my heart and very personal. My grandmother is a co-founder, and my family has been directly and indirectly affected by the reasons needed for such a charity. I cannot think of a better way to bring awareness that services like these are indeed available and that there are people who are here to help. What better way than to run through the area that this organization helps.

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How can you help?

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As you can imagine I may need some company along the way. We are going to have about 8 to 9 main “aid stations” that are going to serve as transition points where runners can jump in and out as they see fit. These major points are going to be approximately 20 miles apart. My crew vehicle will be stopping every from 5-8 miles though, so there is an option to run along longer or shorter. If you are interested in joining me please fill out this form.

You can visit me along the course for encouragement. 175 miles is a long time to be out there in the winter.

You can donate. This is a big one. Even though Riverway Communties of Hope serves mostly southwest WI at this point where the standard of living is lower than more populated areas, it is still in most cases too expensive for many families to afford.

Since starting, they have paid for appointments (or transportation to treatment) 1,602 times for a total expenditure of $159,251. Counseling costs average $100 per session. Fuel cost (to provide transportation to counseling) averages $25 per session. RCoH has assisted youth in 16 different schools in SW Wisconsin for counseling or substance abuse treatment.