running on accident?

I have caught the running itch. I mean I have been training for about 4 months now and just recently I have found that I WANT to go run. On my rest day and my short run days, I just wanna go further. So maybe that is why I ran 8 miles yesterday and not 7. Totally didn’t see the mile markers on the trail and I got to 4 and realized I just added a mile.

I always in the past had needed gum when i ran, it had to do with my breathing, I would breathe too deep and then concentrate on the dryness of my mouth. I have since stopped my gum dependency. In the world of distance running you need some supplements, I’ve tried some chews which i liked, who doesn’t want to eat fruit snacks while running? yesterday i tried out a gel made by Hammer, I didn’t know what to expect, it was like a paste but fruity and it obviously helped cuz when those 8 miles were over I wanted to keep going and I had energy left afterwards.

I was hesitant to go out due to the wind, but I did surprisingly well, 1:10:30 for 8 miles less than a 9 minute mile with a 15-20 mph wind. not too shabby if i do say myself!

Today is a much needed pilates session after my homemade chocolate chip cookies I had for breakfast dunked in steaming hot coffee, mmmmmmm!!

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