Monday April 23, 2012

Saturday was the Parkinson’s Half Marathon Trail Run. it was the second run of the season for me and was here in my hometown. Rog also ran the race with it being his first ever half. There was about 400 people total between the half and the 5K. We got there early of course, and it was about 30 degrees mostly sunny and little wind. This trail is totally flat and gravel, so awesome for some and not so awesome for others(me). I would take hills over flat any day. it is hard for me to pace myself i feel with a flat course.
For the first 2 miles i was in the lead for the women, but this woman passed me and i knew that i wouldn’t be able to stay with her if i wanted to finish well. she ended up winning for the women.
I hadn’t planned on taking a gel, but brought one in case, i took it around the 8 mile. i was going faster than i usually do so i thought that i better take it. I never looked a my watch though as to not psych myself out.
With 4 miles to go, another woman passed me and she was flying. I ended up finishing 3rd woman and 1st in my age group with a time of 1:37:12. A PR and beat my previous PR by 9 minutes. my goal for this race was 1:40, so looks like i accomplished alot!

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