So that’s what a rest day is?!

Monday 3-5-12

Yesterday was supposed to be my long run day, well 12 miles anyway. it was flurrying all day and the wind was wicked. it was about 25 degrees, but looked nasty. I was going in the afternoon to get a sport massage to help alleviate my sore calves. i wasn’t feeling like running yesterday and I knew that today being my day off from work and my “rest day” i would have the time to get the mileage in. So I got up at 5:45 am so i could eat an hour before leaving and be out the door at 7. Sun shining and literally no wind with the temp at 10 degrees, sounds pretty much perfect. Got the kids snack packed and fed them breakfast leaving it to Rog to get them off to school as i headed out at 7:05. I took a new route that took me the back way to Marshall. It was a nice change of scenery. The way back seemed to take a lot less longer than the way there.
i get about 2 miles from home and i see a car driving fast coming from the left to the intersection. i know he isn’t going to stop and clearly doesn’t see me. i kept a safe distance but stopped right in front of his car, hands up. the slamming of the brakes and the “oh shit” look on his face was priceless. i came to the window and he says “i didn’t see you, I’m a runner too, i know you are running on this side of the road, blah, blah, blah”. Not an I’m sorry, or I’ll pay more attention: nothing. I just shook my head, gave him the look and started on my way.

I know that since i am a runner I pay extra close attention at intersections to make sure I am not on the other side of that situation.
Sporting brooks colder weather tights, smartwool socks, nf sports bra, red craft base layer, ice breaker base layer and alo outer. I am wearing the craft balaclava, bula neck gator and smartwool hat. both pairs of gloves got used today. i took one gel with me and both water bottles but with only one filled. i had the sun glasses but never used them, I always forget that with the balaclava they are useless because they fog up and i can’t see a thing.
12 miles in 1:46:10, not too bad. i guess taking a real day off helps!
hot yoga immediately followed this run and an hour spin class tonight!

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