Something Called a Race

I have been in training for the past 4.5 months for the race coming up on Sunday. The weather threatens all my hard work and on the verge on being cancelled. As you can tell I am NOT pleased by this. 4pm today is the time of judgement, if the marathon is cancelled all the marathoners are able to run the half. Who wants to do that? Certainly not me. When the announcement was made that a cancellation due to heat was possible I immediately went online to search for a race the next weekend, anywhere! Plus side the Minneapolis Marathon is the next weekend, so if in the event of a cancellation we will be traveling to the Twin Cities to run. Obviously not the ideal plan, but hey I GOT TO RUN!

i had a sports bra made for the event to match my shoes. bright yellow so the family can spot me!

Rest has been my mantra for the past couple days and ending the 3 week taper if very much welcome, but appreciated. Never before have I seen the full effect of the taper until this cycle.

On other news my daughter ran her first 5K last weekend!!! She is part of a group called Girls on The Run and this was their practice run for the big race on june 9th! I was lucky enough to run with her for practice and it was a bit difficult when you realize that at 8 they have not (for the most part) figured out how to pace themselves. Sprint, walk, sprint, walk, repeat. It was a warm one and everyone appreciated the spraying hoses from eager fans!

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