Sorry about the absence, life has been all over the place.
The family and I just got back from the east coast, yes we drove. It took about 16 hours to make the trip. The kids had a great time and the day at the beach was a hit! Family road trips take on a whole new meaning when you are the parent.

My goal was to work out at each hotel we stayed at so i could stay on track with my running. I did run 2 of the days, but only a total of 6 miles; can we say less than ideal!
Yesterday we did a 25 mile bike ride and I was eager to get some exercise in and I knew it would be a nice warm up for my legs. Today was my long run day and I was planning for my 11 mile route. Roger and I relished in the fact that we could lay in bed this morning without rushing so we got up a little later than anticipated. By 8:30am it was already 90 degrees. So we both set out on our respective workouts, he to bike, me to run.

I was stocked with 2 bottles of water, 2 salt tabs, a gel, and some chews. By the 4 mile mark I was hot, I forgot that there is NO shade on the route. I ran out of water with about 2 miles to go and I started to get cold with the sweat. There was one large spot of shade that I stopped in and almost lost it. The last mile home was so slow that I probably could have walked faster.

Tomorrow we fly out to Atlanta and we are staying at this resort with lots of running trails and paths, so I am excited to go and keep up my training routine. In less than 2 weeks I have a 10 miler.

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