Sunday 2-12
I was still back in my home area and ran the first part of the route I ran yesterday. The plan was to do 14 miles and I wasn’t sure if the route that I had planned out was going to be long enough. So I hit the road running and I felt good about it the wind wasn’t that bad and it was sunny and no one was out on the roads. It was really serene and comforting to be back where I’m from. Most of the time I do not release the info about where I am from, but this was a day that I was proud of where I am from and revelled in the fact that I can still come home and run like this.

I had forgotten my fuel belt and my gel for the long run so I had to make due with what my brother had. I had half a granny smith apple left from breakfast, so I chopped it into bite size pieces and found a bag to put it in, in my pocket and figured it would be a food/water source. I got to the top of the hill(which was such a welcome change) i really do like the hills! and I was only at 5.7 miles so I went a bit longer before turning around and heading back. Of course when i turned around the wind was wicked in my face=awesome! i was eating 4 pieces about every 1.5 miles after the 6th mile and worked great. On the downhill i saw my hawk, it was soaring to my left and just riding the wind current, seriously brought a smile to my face. i don’t think i have mentioned him here yet, but pretty much every day I see a red tailed hawk, I consider him my guardian. I know it’s not the same one I see, but i like to believe it is. made it back all kin one piece and just over 13 miles.
I am sporting nf leggings under my brooks colder weather tights, nf sports bra tank, ice breaker long sleeve base, alo outer, bula neck gator, rei socks, just the nf gloves and Berkeley hat.
As you can tell I am in my brothers house in the spare bedroom, and yes the antlers go all the way around the room. It is pretty impressive.
13.05 miles in 2:03:16

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