This is Team Bird Training
If you’re looking for a straightforward and highly skilled coach who will help you achieve your goals, look no further than Team Bird Training. I’ve been running for +10 years, and running marathons for 5 years, but I’ve always had difficulty with speed work and running to my potential. In hopes of qualifying for Boston at the California International Marathon in 2017, I hired Nora last summer, after hearing from tons of friends and fellow members of the Oiselle Volée team that she was exceptional. It turns out they were right — not only does Nora cater a two-week schedule to you in advance, she periodically runs with you, keeps in near-constant contact, and provides sage advice about everything from nutrition to rest to race strategy. More than anything, Nora somehow seems to magically combine a fierce commitment to hard work and a holistic view of running and life in her coaching. She helped me realize that the quality and consistency of my runs overall matter much more than whether I have to make an adjustment one day or take a day off due to an overwhelming schedule. Thanks to her wisdom and support, I ran a 3:30 (a 1:30 BQ) at CIM, and feel more confident and capable about my running in 2018 than I have at the outset of any other year running. Hire her as soon as you can: you won’t be sorry.
Michelle Schwarze

In January of 2017 I met with Nora to discuss my race aspirations for 2017 and beyond.  For the year, running my first 100 miler was my main target.  During our first meeting there was an instant comfort talking with her.  Shortly thereafter we began working together.  Her tagline of “Personalized Training Plans To Fit Your Life” is spot on.  This has been a very active year for me and Nora adapted my training plan around my schedule.  In June I did finish my first 100 miler at the Kettle 100.  Not only did Nora pace me for the last 35 miles, she was at every aid station where crew was allowed.  If it were not for her guidance and support during this race, I would not have finished.  There have been many ups and downs with running and my day to day life this year.  I hired Nora to train me to become a 100 miler.  This she did, but she offered so much more.  She offers a personal touch that incorporates compassion and understanding.  Not only is Nora an excellent coach, she is a quality person that I am honored to call my friend
Patrick Lang

It might not have been the wisest move but I had signed up for a very technical 40 mile race with just 5 and half months to train. In addition to that bit of stupidity, the last and basically only running I had ever done was a half-marathon 3 years prior. I knew right away that I was going to need help making it to the finish line. 

I reached out to Nora (a bit nervously) about helping me with a plan. I figured she would laugh me off and advise me to start with something a little more realistic. Her response was just the opposite, she was totally supportive and super excited about helping me tackle the challenge.

Nora’s committed and cares about her clients and that can make such a difference when you’re in the midst of a seemingly endless run. Nora drove 3+ hours to cheer me on in my first 50k, in fact she’s come to nearly every race I’ve entered. She ran with me on many training runs including a very hot 28 miles and a very cold 17 miles. I can’t imagine too many coaches that would do that.  

Working with Nora has been awesome. She’s always flexible and adapts the plan to fit my schedule and to how I’m responding to the workouts. I’ve made so much progress with Nora, it’s still hard for me to believe how much I’ve been able to accomplish with her help. Thank You, Nora and Go Team Bird!

Carl Wilder

Principal Librarian of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra


And on the worst days, defective. 

I’d been running for several years, mostly learning as I go. I used programs off the internet to train for 5Ks and 10Ks, relying on YouTube to teach me about running form. I discovered a love for running after spending a lifetime avoiding it. I wanted to go further and do more; I reached out to local running groups and supports for half marathons then full marathons. I began crossing finish lines that I never dreamed I could cross–but significant injury almost always accompanied the medals around my neck. If there were a medal or title for World’s Most Frequently Injured Runner, surely it would be mine. 
After training ferociously for a goal marathon last year, I was so close to getting to that dream start line. Then yet again, a runner’s worst nightmare. Stress Fracture. For the (expletives) 4th time. Was I defective? What was I doing wrong? Should I just quit?
I discovered through social media that there was a world-class runner very close to where I live. Her name was Nora and she had just completed 100 miles in Leadville. She was taking on clients for coaching. Being far from world-class myself, I was nervous to reach out. We met when I was still unable to run but almost healed. She drafted a come-back plan for me as we talked. Three bullet points; three “booms.” With nothing to lose, I heeded her advice and before I knew it, I was recovered and running again. 

Despite my history, I still had big dreams. Nora got this–she GETS big dreams. She customized training for me each and every week; we’d communicate if a change needed to be made during that week. We would meet up a few times a month and run together, discussing everything from strategy to nutrition. 

Fast forward to now, having just PR’d by 13 minutes in the half (smashing a sub-2) and PR’d in the full by 30 minutes (creeping closer to sub-4). I also have a medal from my first 50K hanging on my wall. I am an ultra-marathoner! And best yet: Clearly I’m not defective because not one single injury has thwarted my training! This is a direct result of Nora’s coaching and individualized planning. Plain and simple. 
I can go faster and further than I ever dreamed! I still have big dreams–and I know I can accomplish them with Nora as my Coach. Nora is THE expert with an incredibly impressive track record to prove it. Her credentials are vast and she will get you where you want to go. 

I am so proud to be a part of Team Bird Training; it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Kally Minter

From the girl FORMERLY known as the "World's Most Frequently Injured Runner"

I’ve been asked many times why I hired a running coach this past year & continue to work with her after achieving my 2016 goal. Simply put – I’m my own worst enemy & Nora C. Bird refuses to let me implode! She has helped me see myself as an athlete, believed in me when I doubted myself, pulled me back when I was racing forward too quickly, and saved me from myself…she is more than a coach she is my advocate, my friend. Together we are unstoppable! Thank you Nora for the wild 2016 ride…2017 is going to be EPIC!
Ali Schanhofer

Ultra marathoner and High School Teacher

For the past 4 years my goal was to run a sub 2 half marathon. I just couldn’t seem to get there. Before running with Nora I was trying to figure out how to improve my time with no luck. I was very frustrated. The 1st time I met Nora was like I had known her for years. I told her what I was hoping to achieve and how frustrated I was. She put together a workout that was thoughtfully laid out and customized to my work schedule, and how I was feeling physically. She had me doing runs that I would have never done on my own. she made each run we did together very enjoyable, which made me want to do more. I could tell I was getting faster so my long runs weren’t as bad. Nora took the time to answer any questions I had on nutrition, running form and how to dress for every type of weather, provide me with helpful tips, and always gave me feedback on the workouts.
Race weekend she made the trip to be there for me. I saw her at mile 5 cheering me on, then mile 12 she ran with me to give me that little last push that I needed.
Not only did I finish under 2 hours (by 3 minutes) but also a 6 minute PR, a great friend and a fantastic coach. I highly recommend anyone looking for a running coach  Team Bird is your girl.
Thank you so much for helping me accomplish my goal!!
Doree Harding

Cellcom Greenbay 2016 PR

Nora has been such a huge asset to the team at Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K.  She has provided our team of 40 ambassadors with a detailed half marathon and 5K training plan with strategic key workouts to ensure success on race weekend.  Nora can relate to athletes of all levels and has successfully maintained coach to athlete relationships in a friendly and professional manner.  Our group of women race ambassadors are lucky to have her leadership.
Jen Anderson

Director of Operations, Capitol View Events, Event Director, Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K

Some coaches are nurturing and supportive where other coaches are full of grit. Nora is truly the best of both worlds! She offers the charismatic encouragement to get you those last few miles and will surely push you to get out of bed when your willpower plummets. Be good to yourself, you deserve this. Having Nora as a coach was my first step in solidifying that lifetime pursuit of fitness and happiness.
Abby Green

Sales Executive, Healthcheck 360, Wisconsin Ironman 2012