Friday 2-10-12
This morning looked promising enough if you count out the 20 mph winds and the snow showers. I had the day off and I am looking forward to a nice run. The weather however has made me go inside to the treadmill. I am not a fan of the treadmill, but it being later morning i figure it wont be too busy and I can watch crap tv while running. I set the pace to run an 8:15/ mile, turned on my ipod and locked in on the price is right. i wore my new shoes and used the foot pod accessory for the garmin. I never remember what menu it is in to enable it and disable the gps, so i was a bit pissy on my way to the gym! ran well though and surprisingly enough i was not bored!
no picture of this one, sorry guys.
4.23 miles in 35:22.

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