The Birthday That Wasn’t

Something that we all wish for is to have some alone time. Is this something that we truly crave? Do we want to be alone?
Being alone is scary, its uncomfortable. It can also be liberating and empowering.

At what point does that magical transition take place that takes loneliness and turns into liberation? Or is it from Empowerment to scared?

Is being alone even really possible? Can we be truly alone with friends presents, kids near, and pets dependent?

Alone in the sense of the word of not having a companion/partner to share your morning coffee, to bring you kleenex when sick, to having eyes light up when you get fancy, to offer a hug in moments of sadness.

Those are the things that we crave when feeling alone. In these feelings we forget the other things that come with the package. The things that caused the alone time in the first place.

There are certain times in our lives where being alone seems to hit home harder than others.
Holidays, Anniversaries, Birthdays.

Sometimes when a milestone day comes around it is easy to wallow, look at the past, cry. All while knowing that good things are on the horizon but the horizon is dark and far away, so the loneliness rears its head and gives you the old fashioned stare down.

So what do we do? Do we let it win? Do we conform to the world of social media and swipe our loneliness away? Do we take that precious time alone and do something? Do something selfish, something just for our-selves. Enjoy being you. Get to know yourself before you forget that there was a time you wished you could be alone.


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