The new year is upon us

Saturday January 19, 2013

So tomorrow ends week 3 of training for Boston! The weather has been nice for the most part, not much snow and milder temps. Today was in the mid 40’s, but tomorrow the high is 12. My miles for the ultra has helped me start at a higher weekly total and it’s easier. the plan is to cut 15 minutes off my BQ which will put me at a 3:15. 15 minutes may not seem like alot, but if you are a runner you know that is a big deal especially on a challenging course such as Boston. Speedwork is going to my friend and enemy in the upcoming weeks.

i have also decided that I WILL run the Fall 50 again this year and with all that I know now, there are some changes that i will make and hopefully get better than last year. yes it was hard, yes i said i would never do it again, but there is something about the training that sucks you in and man if i did that well my FIRST time, then hell why can’t i win this time! no way i would win, but one can dream!

I had set a goal for 2012 to run 2012 miles. I made that goal with 2039! my goal for 2013 is 2500 miles, with all the miles i will log for the 50, i should do ok, and this year i pretty much took off the months of November and December because i was doing the insanity program so i should have had a bigger total.

i have also started school. I am in a Baking and pastry art program at the local tech college. I get to bake everyday m-f. i have the uniform and a jacket with my name on it, so official! this gets me one step closer to opening my own shop, i come home and am so excited to bake, the ideas come(mostly while running).
with school i had to give up work for the next 6 months, i am working about 2 days a month now which is really hard since i have worked full time since i was 13!

my daughter is in a running program called Girls on the run. it is for girls in 3rd to 5th grades, they work on self-esteem, body image, peer pressure, and running. the running sort of comes in last in the scheme of things. They are looking for some new coaches so i have volunteered. i have also wanted to get the girls who are “too old” for the program and can’t start school track or xc  doesn’t start until 7th grade into a transitional program. i want them to be ready.

so off to rest and stretch.

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